15ft MicroUSB & MiniUSB Dash Cam Hardwire Kit with Mini/LP Mini/ATO/Micro2 Fuse, Micro to Mini (and Type-C) Port Adapters and Battery Drain Protection System

Search “How To Hardwire A Car dash camera” in Youtube and check the instructional video from dial2fast to find out how it works. The NuCam Hardwire Fuse Kit with Micro USB Bundle has everything you need to charge your dash cam, cellphone, tablets or other devices from your car’s battery even if your engine is off. It has low voltage protection so that you can use to power your dash camera 24/7 without draining your battery to dead.If you’re worried about someone breaking into your car when it’s in the parking lot, you can use our NuCam DL and set it to parking mode so that it will be on and ready to record. The Dash Cam Hardwire Kit keeps your 12V outlet free, so you can keep your phone charged and power your dash camera at the same time. It also means that there’s less RF interference or static when you’re listening to the radio. You can play your favorite station without losing the signal.

What’s Included:

1 x MicroUSB Hard wire Kit
1 x Low-Profile Mini Fuse Holder
1 x Mini Blade Fuse Holder
1 x ATO (regular) Fuse Holder
1 x Micro2 Fuse Holder
1 x MicroUSB – Type C adapter
1 x Fuse Puller
1 x MicroUSB – MiniUSB adapter (left angled miniUSB. If you are looking for right angled miniUSB, please search B0787LD92N.)
* If your kit is missing any of the above adapters, contact Nuvending California office with your order # so that we can provide the correct adapter.
Features :
Hardwire kit for dash cameras that use micro USB/Mini USB
Works with NuCam DL, K1S, Zero Edge, DDpai, Goluk and more!
24 hour surveillance protects against battery dying with parking mode.
Keeps 12V cigarette outlet free
Does not alter original wiring. Easily installs on the existing circuit Install, looks clean and professional
Gives power to a number of electronic devices up to 5V/2A.
Extra length of hard wire allows you to connect to the fuse box under the hood: input length: 3ft, output length: 12ftONE FITS FOR ALL: With Micro to Mini (left angled) and Micro to Type C port converters, the kit is basically fit for ALL Dash Cams or Car Charger like NuCam DL, Wireless Charger Phone Holder Nucharger Auto, Rexing, ROAV, Anker, DDPai, Aukey etc. Also, it comes with most popular fuse types including Low-Profile Mini, Mini, ATO(Regular), and Micro2. It has left angled miniUSB head. For right angeled miniUSB head, please search B0787LD92N.
ENOUGH LENGTH: Overall 15ft hardwire kit can be installed basically on All vehicles. Input length: 3ft, Output length: 12ft.
BATTERY DRAIN PROTECTION SYSTEM: Device power off when vehicle battery voltage drops to 11~11.6V for protection purpose which you need to start your engine. When car batteries are new, they’re around 12.5 Volts or more. It’s also suitable for 24V systems.
EASY INSTALLATION: Installation is easy and clean without any help from professionals! However, our customer service is also immediately responsive if you do have questions.
WARRANTY: One year free service for any question you are facing with this dash cam hardwire kit.

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