Btopllc DVR Car Video On-dash Cam (6D-4)

Please Note:
To save the battery lifespan, please do not try to overcharge
please read the User Manual completely and keep them for future reference. Totally charge & discharge the battery case about 3-5 times to activate the function of the battery case, before you install and use the product.
iPhone and the cable not included
The extended battery case is made of durable material which helps protect against scratches, fingerprints, smudges and the wear and tear of a life on the go all without interfering with your signal.
The charging case is for iPhone 6/6S,it is one of the slimmest smart battery case on the market, it is convenient enough to fit easily in your hand or in your pocket.
LED Power indicators enable you to check the power status at a glance. 4 LED indicators on the back of the battery case to indicate how much juice is available to your iPhone.
Charge and sync your phone when you refill your battery Simultaneously. You can use your existing lightning cables to charge the battery case and your iPhone simultaneously.
Make full use of breakthrough rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Used for iPhone 6/6s / 4.7″, Very light and portable, Easy to install and remove. Acts as a extended battery case of the protective effect

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