Car Dashcam,Dash Cam Recorder Front and Rear Facing Cameras 3′ Display for Cars and Trucks with Night Vision Support 128GB Memory Card

* Perfect for forward-facing surveillance
* Captures clear video of vehicles on the road (1080p HD)
* Never miss anything important with loop recording
* Automatically turns on and off
* Withstands extreme temperatures (capacitor)DASHCAMS VIDEO QUALITY: Our dash cams offer sharper 1080p “Full HD” quality. This added detail could come in handy when you need to zoom in on a frame to analyze, say, a license plate or person’s face. Still our dash cam recoder has wide-angle, 170-degree lenses to capture a wider field of view. Our dash cameras include two cameras (one facing forward, one facing in car). And also offer night vision support offering clear video even at the dark night.
EASY INSTALLATION: Dashcams mount to a windshield (or sometimes a dashboard or visor), it plug into a 12-volt (cigarette lighter) or USB port in the vehicle, for power. Because it’s connected to the car battery, the dashcam typically begins recording once the engine turns on (auto-start and auto-stop). It’s also simple to pop in a SD card once the dashcam is installed. The video file is automatically saved and protected from overwriting if it detects an incident via internal “G sensor”.
PARKING MODE: Car camera with the parking mode feature go into standby when the engine is turned off. But if it detects vibration, such as someone grazing the parked car or trying to break in, the camera will wake up and record for a short while. In-car camera is easy to put on and off as needed.
PLAY BACK: Of course, you might enjoy footage captured that has nothing to do with an accident or malicious incident – say, a family road trip through the mountains or a recording of wildlife, a tornado or comet. The memory card is easy to pop out, you can watch the videos with a micro sd card reader; Still you can connect directly to your computer/tv by the come with usb data cable
Warranty: All dashboard video cameras sold from D.DA.D Direct include a 1 year manufacturer warranty. This warranty is to cover manufacturer defects and we stand behind the products we sell

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