Compact 5V Mini USB Direct Hardwire Car Charger Power Cable Kit for Mini Auto Dash Cam Vehicle DVR Camera Recorder


Port Type: Mini USB
Used to hardwire dash cam to vehicle power
Provide permanent power for your camera to make full use of its parking mode
Automatically turn the camera power off when the car power supply voltage drops to 11.6V


Voltage Input: DC 12V-23V
Voltage Output: DC 5V
Current Output: 2.0A (max)
Low Voltage Protection: 11.6V
Cable length: Approx. 3m/ 118.11″

Installation Steps:

1. The intelligent power protector of unique connection.
2. Through the roof line will be buried at the corner of glass and ceiling.
3. Open the a-pillar cover, along A column to the left side of the instrument desk.
4. Open the fuse box, connect the low protector to the warranty on the long telegram in the box.

Package Included:

1 x Car Charger Power Cable Kit
Standard USB adapter direct vehicle hardwire kit.
Enable continuous surveillance when the vehicle is parked.
Protect your vehicle’s battery from being drained by the dash camera.
The red wire comes with a “U” shape head, which makes it easy to connect with the battery.
The black wire must be grounded to your vehicle.

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