Dash Cam Dash Camera for Cars 1296P FHD – SPEED I-95 Car Camera Dash Cam Mini Front Driving Recorder, GPS, WiFi, Night Vision, Loop Recording, Parking Monitor, 170°Angle


You might not see it, but SPEED I-95 will.

  • SPEED I-95 provides all the necessary features to secure your road trip.  Once plugged in the car charger, easy operation and quick start will let you start driving confidently.
  • This dashboard camera operates on a built-in battery for parking monitor mode only.  Please use car’s external power for regular driving mode.  
  • Supports a Class 10, 32GB micro SD card (Not Included). Please format it on the camera before use.

    • 🚩 GPS-TRACKING is able to record driving track, speed, longitude and latitude data which you can view in designated player.

      🚩 BUILT-IN WI-FI TECHNOLOGY lets you view real-time footage or playback recording, download video on your phone with “ROAD CAM” APP or on your computer.

      🚩HD RESOLUTION captures full HD image 1296P 30fps, which is more clearer than 1080P.

      🚩170° WIDE ANGLE covers up to 5 lanes of traffic ahead and reduces blind spots.

      🚩 24 HOURS LOOP RECORDING creates video clips, automatically overwrites the oldest file to save the current file.

      🚩 G-SENSOR detects collisions and automatically activates EMERGENCY LOCK which will store, lock, and protect an entire incident, providing evidence for insurance claim and traffic dispute.

      🚩 EXTREME WORKING TEMPERATURE ABILITY allows dash cam to work from -4°F to 158°F (-20 °C to 70 °C).

      🚩 ULTRA NIGHT VISION provides sharp and bright image at night.  Professionally recorded video is always at your discretion so that you can review and analyze it anytime.

      🚩 ANTI-SLEEP ALARM FOR DRIVERS detects when the driver nods his/her head and buzzes to alert him/her of the potential danger.

      🚩 1296P FULL HD & 170° WIDE ANGLE – Our dashcam has the best 1296P Full HD resolution with 170° wide angle view lens which provides “Smart Picture” video quality with a wider field of vision reducing blind spots and recording every driving process of your vehicle.
      🚩 ULTRA NIGHT VISION CAR DVR & GPS-TRACKING – Dash Cam has Advanced Sensor with full 1296P resolution which gathers more light and focus and eliminates the need for extra light source even in low-light conditions. The professional video on the screen comes out sharp, bright and colorful. Built-in GPS tracking gadget automatically tracks and records every journey so you can conveniently review and track your trip.
      🚩 G-SENSOR & EMERGENCY ACCIDENT LOCK – The built-in G-sensor technology in our cameras auto detects even small collision and activates Emergency File Recording, preventing the authentic video sources from deleting and providing evidence for insurance claim. SPEED I-95 dash cams will capture critical details when driving or having your vehicle parked.
      🚩 LOOP RECORDING & MOTION DETECTION – Dual electronic functions of our dash camera for cars always secure enough storage on your SD card capturing the latest file, auto recording and locking the video file for your security if a collision or shaking of your car is detected
      🚩 Wi-Fi CAR CAMERA & ANTI-SLEEP ALARM – Our car dash camera APP supports both IOS & Android systems, allowing you to view and download HD video through Wi-Fi in real time on your phones or computer. 🔕 Extra accessories in the box: Anti-Sleep Alarm buzzes to spark driver’s focus when detecting him/her nodding the head

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