Dash Cam FHD ViiVor 1080P Car DVR Driving Recorder Dashboard Camera with Motion Detection Parking Guard G-Sensor and Loop Recording with 140 Degree Wide Angle

HDR VISION FUNCTION: Prevents videos from being overexposed or underexposed.Automatically adjusts the video recordings to compensate for different conditions. The dashboard camera can automatically record hands-free in a continuous loop. It automatically overwrites oldest video file with newest.
UNIQUE AND INTIMATE DESIGN:switch to the night-shoot mode, the mode is very effective to solve the overexposure problem,automatically balance the light and dark areas of the video and generate high-quality images, and thereby to see the license plate as clearly as possible. so it is no longer just a simple decoration and the increase of camera angle.
HIGH RESOLUTIO LCD SCREEN: The 3.0 inch screen is a must have and we have taken into account the needs of drivers.The appropriate size strikes a balance between the driver’s needs of after recording viewing whilst prioritizing drivers’ focus and concentration on driving to make sure drivers’ eyes are comfortable.
SMART SAFETY DETECTION:G-Senser, Motion Detation and Parking Monitoring systems are built in our Sentry Dual Dash Cams for cars, which will automatic detecte ignition/motion/crash/vibration. G-Senser will keep the important fragment recorded by G-senser in your Micro SD Card, but not overwrite them by the Loop Recording system.
LARGE CAMERA LENS: 140 degree lens, have better side views and capture more of what is going on in front of your vehicle. 6-layers glass lens, produce outstanding video quality.

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