Dash Cam, Hexdeer Dash Camera Recorder FHD 1080P, Car Cam Vehicle DVR with 3 Inch LCD, 170° Wide Angle, Super Night Vision, WDR, G-Sensor, Loop Recording

If you ve ever been involved in a car accident and you had to go through insurance to settle the damages, you know how frustrating it can get. Other drivers or their insurance companies almost always dispute the liability and try to get out of paying to repair your car, even if it s 100% not your fault. Where there is doubt, liability can potentially never be settled and you can end up paying money out of your own pocket. Now there s finally a solution to making sure you have clear evidence of whatever happens when you re driving your car with our amazing dashcam! What makes our dashcam unique? It s quite simple, our dashboard camera is specifically made to make sure it never misses a detail. The camera shoots a full HD video in a 1080p quality, and features a 170° wide-angle lens that records up to 4 lanes of traffic! Furthermore, the dashboard camera has a big aperture, WDR, and even night vision so you can clearly record car license plates even at night or in poor light conditions. Some more of the amazing features of our DVR dashboard cameras: ⭐Premium quality, made of premium materials to ensure extended durability; ⭐️Full set, the dashcam comes with a car charger, suction cup, USB cable to export the video, and a user manual; ⭐️Loop recording, that allows for infinite recording, overwriting oldest footage; ⭐Motion detector, the dashboard cam records automatically when it detects movement, protecting your car when you re not around; ⭐Night vision, so you can get a clear HD picture even at night or in poor light conditions; ⭐Gravity sensor, if a sudden shake or collision is detected, the video is locked from being overwritten; A must-have car accessory for your safety and peace of mind!Capture every detail: advanced CMOS sensor enables dash camera captures crystal-clear footage at 1080P FHD 30fps. 3″ TFT LCD widescreen offers a broader view which enables you to monitor the whole road while driving
170° Super wide-angle: the dashcam Features a 170° wide-angle lens T, so you can record up to 4 lanes of traffic. The more you see, the safer you are. 6 glass fixed-focus provides better light transmission, thus delivers extremely sharp video quality.
Super Night vision: infrared sensor and wide dynamic range technology allow the car camera to perform optimally in low light situations. Clearly capture any car license plates even in the poorest light conditions
Emergency accident lock: enabled by gravity sensor technology, The car camera automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and protects the recordings. If a car incident occurs, you can rest assured that you’ll have an ultra-clear recording of it.
Extreme Temperature Resistance: Operating temperature from -10°(F) to 170°(F), the dashboard camera is ready to record in any climate. Features a 185°(F) storage temperature, allowing you to leave it mounted without fear of overheating.
Backed by 90-day money-back and 12-month worry-free .

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