Dash Cam Mirror Camera 4.3” LCD FHD 1080P Dual Lens Car Camera Front and Rear View Camera with G-Sensor Parking Monitor Video Recorder

Main Features: 1, 1296P Full HD 2, 170 degree resolution multilayer filter wide angle camera 3, Dual camera lens 4, Emergency video lock/Mute function 5, Date and time settings function 6, Video/Photo/Video file playback/Photo playback 7, Change mode:Front camera,Rear camera,Picture in picture 8, Loop recording function 9, TF card(maximum 32GB) 10, Automatic recording/Manual recording 11, Built-in Hi-Fi microphone 12, Motion detection 13, Collision sensing function(G-Sensor) 14, Locking/Mute function 15, Parking monitoring function 16, Reversing visibility 17, Best Night vision/True night visionDUAL-LENS REARVIEW MIRROR DASH CAM: mirror dash cam has two cameras and 4.3 inch rearview anti-dazzling mirror. Excellent 1080P resolution front camera with 120°wide angle lens+ weatherproof rear cam. You can have a more comprehensive picture of drivers’ daily commutes and roadside events. Feel safer with twice the coverage, recording the road ahead as well as oncoming traffic from behind.
SAFEGUARDING YOUR VEHICLES: Built-in G-sensor is triggered by a g-force event like an impact or a sudden braking maneuver. Whenever an event is detected, the camera will automatically mark the current footage for safekeeping, and will not be overwritten in loop recording. Turn on the parking mode, the cam will come to life and start recording, files are automatically marked for safekeeping whenever an impact is detected.
PICTURE-IN-PICTURE DISPLAY: The Front view and rear view videos are displayed on the screen in a picture-in-picture appearance. One-button switch can toggle the display of the two views in either the full screen or the inset window respectively, or turn off the picture-in-picture display
SEAMLESS VIDEO RECORDING: Automatic seamless video recording in loop to use the storage efficiently, with the earliest unlocked video clips being overwritten when reaching the storage card’s maximal capacity. Customizable video clip length of 2, 3 and 5 minutes
SUPPORT 32GB TF CARD (MAX) : It is better to use above 8 GB Class 10 TF card .

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