Dual USB Car Charger with Cigarette Lighter Socket Power Adapter DC 12V/24V Outlet Multi-functions Car Splitter for Mobile Phone GPS Dash Cam (3-hole)

Operating Temperature:0°C-45°C
Rated Input:12-24V
Rated Output:USB 5V=3.1A
Power Of Output:100W

9-layer intelligent protection:
Over-charge protection (prevent equipment from over charging)
Over voltage protection (prevent equipment from too high charging voltage)
Over-current protection (prevent from too high charging current)
Over-load protection (prevent equipment from over power)
Over-heat protection (automatic protection for preventing equipment from high temperature)
Short-circuit protection (automatic protection for short circuit)
Wave filtering protection (eliminating the wave interference during working)
Under-voltage protection (prevent equipment from too low charging voltage)
Under-current protection (prevent equipment from too low charging current)

Products common QA?
1. What devices can I use?
The total power of 100W output, you can use the driving recorder, GPS, electronic dog, vacuum cleaner, car refrigerator, camera, tablet PC, mobile phone and other electronic equipment.
2. Does my model work?
General for 12-24V vehicles and adapt to main stream vehicle types, such as cars, SUVs, trucks, off-road vehicles.
3. Can cigarette lighter be used as a car charger?
Products are equipped with two USB ports, 2.1A and 1A interface, mobile tablet PC can be used at the same time.
4. What about security?
Using smart chip, built-in 10A fuse, Three-hole independent switch, fully secure.
5. What are the benefits of voltage detection?
Voltage detection function can always help you understand the health of the battery, such as: the voltage is too high engine instability, the speaker does not ring and other issues, the voltage is too low will start difficult, can not hit the fire, the light is not bright and so on.
6. What is the use of LED light design?
We use blue LED design, easy to use the night, while the car to create a romantic atmosphere.Products use smart chip technology, automatically match the current, while the built-in fuse to protect your equipment security
2 USB charging ports with 12V / 24V cigarette lighter sockets, allowing simultaneous use 4-5 devices to meet your needs
Hard shell, blue LED light, engineering plastics material, durable, and bright at night
Intelligent composite security technology and 9-layer intelligent protection to fully guarantee the security
Certified by high safety standards,providing the best quality product and best customer service

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