NIUJIN Dash Cam DVR Front and Rear – 1080P HD IPS Display Driving Recorder Cameras with Micro SD Card, G-Sensor,Motion Detect, LED Compensation Parking Monitoring GPS Reversing Camera

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♫♫.【Excellent Quality Recording】 providing 1920 x 1080P 30 fps 170° (120° for rear camera 640*480 @ 30fps ) full HD high resolution wide angel recording for front and rear views simultaneously; allows better image at both over brightness or dim lighting situation. &NOTE: Dash cam batteries are in low capacity and couldn’t sustain long time usage after unplugged, they only meant to provide a buffer to save files after power off.
♫♫.【Easy to Install & Friendly Design】 The suction cup is mounted on the windshield and connected to the cigarette lighter. Automatically recorded during vehicle ignition and automatically turned off when the ignition is off. You can take sharp pictures in low light conditions.
♫♫. 【BIG APERTURE AND WDR TECHNOLOGY – Combined with big aperture and wide dynamic range(WDR)】, you can get comparatively clearer footage and image at night. Car license plates can be easily seen in low light condition. The safety of driving at night will be improved a lot.
♫♫.【Best service】If you have any questions about our Driving Recorder , please contact us and we will get back to you within 48 hours.If you are not satisfied, we will provide a 100% money back guarantee.

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