Pyle 2.7’’ LCD Display HD Vehicle Dash Cam – 480p Dual Front and Rear View Facing Camera DVR Video Recording System w/ GPS Navigation Logger – Rechargeable Battery and Memory Card Support PLDVRCAMG37

The PLDVRCAMG37 vehicle DVR Dash Cam Kit with GPS logger integrates video recording, picture taking, google map and external storage into a multi-function high-resolution digital recorder with HDMI and media output. It is widely used for providing recorded footage for purposes of accident compensation / insurance, but can also be used to record driving for fun and leisure. This product is a blend of wide dynamic digital industry leading camera, no leakage of seconds, seamless circular camera, ultra wide angle shooting, with real-time display playback, mobile detection camera, parking guard technology in one; unique fashion streamline design favored by vast number of consumers.

DIGITAL LCD DISPLAY: LCD screen in 2.7″ inch vehicle DVR car dash cam in full 480p that provides great sharp video quality. The front lens with wide angle of 140 degrees can be rotated up and down while back lens is at 120 degree high resolution.
GPS NAVIGATION LOGGER: Integrated GPS route navigation destination logger dash cam that capture the speed, location and coordinates of the motor vehicle. The logging of such details can be played back showing the speed the vehicle was/is traveling.
BUILT-IN G SENSOR: It will be automatically start recording when it detects any objects or creatures movement. And, video will be locked for safekeeping. A very good helper while you parking your vehicle.
BATTERY CHARGING: You can use a USB cord to connect the machine with a computer for charging. Or, use the accessory vehicle-mounted power source. Power cable is included and charging indicator lights up in red.
INCLUDES 2 CAMERA: With the newest dash cam, you can easily save and transfer recordings to your smartphone and computer. Includes front view and rear view facing cam that allows vehicle reverse and forward driving video capture.

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