Pyle Upgraded DVR Dash Cam Kit – 1.5” Digital Screen Vehicle Dual Camera Video Recording System in Full HD 1080p and 32GB Memory w/ Motion Detect Parking Control Easy Setup PLDVRCAM71

The PLDVRCAM71 DVR Dash Cam is developed to find evidence in case of traffic accident. This camera can also be used in other occasions such as meetings, monitoring and forensics, location shooting and video evidence. This product is a blend of wide dynamic digital industry leading camera, no leakage of seconds, seamless circular camera, ultra wide angle shooting, with display real-time playback, mobile detection camera, parking guard technology in one; streamline design of unique fashion, favored by the vast number of consumers.

DIGITAL DISPLAY SCREEN: Compact size 1.5″ inch digital display screen vehicle DVR car dash cam. A vehicle camera video recording system in full HD 1080p that provides great sharp video quality. Also, mic and audio supported.
PARKING MONITOR: With parking mode turned on, it will be automatically start recording when it detects any objects or creatures movement. And, video will be locked for safekeeping. A very good helper while you parking your vehicle.
AUTOMATIC RECORDING: After you start up the automobile engine, the dash cam will automatically start and recording function will be enabled. Also, the system indicator and power indicator are turned on, and the REC indicator on the screen blinks.
MEMORY CARD SLOT: The images and video clips are save via micro SD memory card slot with 32gb capacity. You have to insert a memory card before you can start recording. The recorder supports Micro SD cards with up to 32GB capacity.
EASY SETUP: It is plug and play operation. Once camera is set in your car you can immediately start recording with the manual recording function. Buttons are visible with indicated designated functions.

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